Saturday, 21 November 2020

Alf Roberts 1940 - 2020


It is with great sadness that we report the passing of Alf Roberts on November 11th. Alf was part of the table tennis scene in North Wales for very many years, serving on the Llandudno League Committee as a committee member, and more recently as League President. He was made a Life Member of the League in recognition of his service to local table tennis in 2013 - the photo above shows him with his award, which he received from Pru Oakes (League President at the time) and Paul Collins (League Chair). He will be sorely missed.

Saturday, 21 March 2020

Trinity and Trefnant Village Hall

As of Sat 21st March 2020 as instructed by the UK government
 Trefnant Village Hall and associated group meetings and events will be closed until we are permitted to re-open. 

There will be a monthly review on the situation and we will respond accordingly.

If other clubs/venues have any updates on their venues going forward please supply information and I will post here.

Wednesday, 18 March 2020

Llandudno Closed & venue closures

Closed Tournament on hold at present.

For those that go for knock at Y Morfa Chris has posted:

"Due to the recent government guidelines and recommendations about social distancing, Y Morfa Community Table Tennis Club will be temporarily suspended until Tuesday 21 April 2020 when the situation will be reviewed again".

If anyone has any questions or queries about the suspension of club activities, please contact Chris Henderson on 07824 994 315.

If other clubs/venues have any updates on their venues going forward please supply information and I will post here.

Monday, 16 March 2020

Suspension of the League

Dear All,

After much deliberation and in unprecedented circumstances, the Committee has decided to suspend all Llandudno Table Tennis activities immediately until further notice.

The CV19 virus and Government action and advise has escalated quickly and so, the Committee now feel, that to protect members of the League from being exposed to unnecessary risk of cross contamination, that we have taken this step.

I'm sure that each club will have their own plans for playing socially and I wish you all well.

I'm sure we will come through this dark time soon, in the meantime take care & stay safe.

Best wishes

Paul Collins
Chair LTTL

Wednesday, 4 March 2020

Llandudno Closed Tournament April 2020

Llandudno & District Table Tennis League

                                           Tournament Organiser: Sean Lucas
                                                                       01745 813810

2019/20 Season Closed Tournament
Tuesday 14th April 2020, 7.00pm @ Y Morfa Leisure Centre
Players entering must have played at least one league game this season. Games will start promptly at 7.15pm. Pleases arrive at 7.00 to help with the set-up. The doubles competition will be drawn on the night and will be the first competition played.

                                       name      ________________________

                            date of birth      ________________________

                                         club      ________________________


                        Closed Singles      

                       Drawn Doubles      
                         Div. 2 Singles      

                       Ladies’ Singles      

Please return by Wednesday April 8th 2020 to Sean Lucas email: or indicate by email which events you wish to enter (if you don’t have access to email, Sean will accept entries by telephone – 01745 813810). Please note that, although Sean will accept late entries, if sufficient entries to make the tournament worthwhile have not been received by April 8th 2020 the event will be cancelled.

-        ‘Closed Singles’ is open to all players and will be played initially in groups to guarantee games, no consolation competition.
-        ‘Division 2 Singles’ will be in a knockout format, seeded using current individual averages.
-        ‘Drawn Doubles’ Partners will be drawn on the night and it will be a straight knockout competition

Sunday, 23 February 2020

More cup news.

Players are not allowed to play for two different teams in a cup competition. Captains be careful borrowing/lending players.

Official Rule:

  1. No player may play for more than one team from the same club or play for two different clubs in League Cup competitions in the same season. ALL of the individual League Cups are considered to be one competition in respect of this rule.
    No player may play for more than one team from the same club or play for two different clubs in the Handicap Cup and President's Trophy competitions in the same season. BOTH these competitions are to be considered as one competition in respect of this rule.

    New Player:

    Chris Markey (Rhyl B) has a handicap mark of 44.

Sunday, 9 February 2020

Closed Tournament and cup updates.

The new date for the Llandudno Closed Tournament is Tuesday 14th April. It is open to all players in the league who have played at least one league game and is free. Hopefully a Tuesday evening will draw a bigger entry than the weekend closed tournaments of recent seasons. The night will have the closed singles, division two singles, ladies and a drawn doubles competition. Entry forms and further details to follow.

The draws for the next round of cup competitions are now on this site and have been sent to the club captains via email.

Wednesday, 8 January 2020

More cup information for the 2020 season.

Handicap Cup:

Five serves each, start at 0-0 and change ends when first person gets to twenty.
Only three players allowed - no changes to the chosen team in the doubles.
Add the three chosen players handicaps together to find your team handicap.
The team handicaps is added to your final score or you could start from that number and keep a running total.
If the scores are the same at the end of the match the away team wins.

League Cup:

This season the old scoring system applies, that is the maximum score is 10-0 not the 30-0 that is being used in league matches.
If the scores are the same at the end of the match (5-5), whichever team has won the most 'games' wins the tie, if games are equal then the highest number of points wins it and if it is still level then the away team wins the tie.

Please prioritise cup matches over league matches and make every effort to play the cup games in the week designated.

Wednesday, 1 January 2020

Handicap Cup 2020

Games to be played to forty, change ends at twenty.
If game is drawn the tie will be awarded to the away team.
Please ensure that the round of 16 games are played week commencing 20th Jan.

Handicap Cup 2020 - Handicaps

PlayerH'capTeamTeam 40
Paul Collins(-) 20Amlwch A(-) 48
Keith Williams(-) 18Amlwch A(-) 48
Ian Ault(-) 10Amlwch A(-) 48
Reg John0Amlwch B84-154
Emyr Owen68Amlwch B84-154
Caren Ault70Amlwch B84-154
Mark Bryant16Amlwch B84-154
George Higham60Amlwch C200 -214
Jason Coe70Amlwch C200 -214
Matthew Winnett70Amlwch C200 -214
Mark Hadcock74Amlwch C200 -214
Chris Phillips16Conwy A86-108
Sean Lucas32Conwy A86-108
Melvyn Booker38Conwy A86-108
Paul Hulme38Conwy A86-108
Andy Lunt26Conwy B86 - 112
Graham Heath28Conwy B86 - 112
Steve Nicholls32Conwy B86 - 112
Rob Walker52Conwy B86 - 112
David Daniels18Craig-y-don A120 - 162
Gary Blakemore42Craig-y-don A120 - 162
Ady Waugh46Craig-y-don A120 - 162
Ross Lander56Craig-y-don A120 - 162
Ged Haresnape60Craig-y-don A120 - 162
Nigel Watson60Craig-y-don B214 -248
Bill Williams74Craig-y-don B214 -248
Dave Strange80Craig-y-don B214 -248
John Bastin82Craig-y-don B214 -248
David Roe84Craig-y-don B214 -248
Harold Furber32Henllan162-259
Don Grigg60Henllan162-259
Iain McGillivray70Henllan162-259
Chris Watkins76Henllan162-259
Kian Garitty90Henllan162-259
John Lovegrove93Henllan162-259
Mark Pugh(-) 24Police A26-118
Thomas Au Yeung32Police A26-118
Tony Wan18Police A26-118
Roger Lee32Police A26-118
James Wan32Police A26-118
Steve Freeman54Police A26-118
Kevin Evans36Police B174-274
Peter Roberts64Police B174-274
Meirion Williams74Police B174-274
Alan Lavery74Police B174-274
John Cartwright82Police B174-274
Nigel McLaughlin95Police B174-274
Becky Evans99Police B174-274
Glen Pheonix(-) 7Rhyl A65-124
Barrie Russ34Rhyl A65-124
Norman Stagg38Rhyl A65-124
Steve Lowe52Rhyl A65-124
John Hughes52Rhyl B215-277
Marcus Wilton-Jones74Rhyl B215-277
Andy Chambers90Rhyl B215-277
Petar Llinov93Rhyl B215-277
Pat Peak97Rhyl B215-277
Abhishek Bathula(-) 30Trinity A(-)51-82
Ken Connor(-) 16Trinity A(-)51-82
Stuart Dearden(-) 5Trinity A(-)51-82
John Chan14Trinity A(-)51-82
Josh Gilmore30Trinity A(-)51-82
Eddie Chan38Trinity A(-)51-82
Roy Williams58Trinity B184-246
Robert Stewart62Trinity B184-246
Fred Moore64Trinity B184-246
Chamberlaine68Trinity B184-246
Pru Oakes95Trinity B184-246
Elliot Gough85Trinity B184-246
Andy Horton18Y Morfa A84
Rob Stanway30Y Morfa A84
Chris Henderson36Y Morfa A84
Bill Wooley66Y Morfa B240-278
Steven Davies80Y Morfa B240-278
George Wooley95Y Morfa B240-278
Mike Trbojevic105Y Morfa B240-278
Martin Bill80Y Morfa C263-322
Harry Jones85Y Morfa C263-322
Andy McNeil110Y Morfa C263-322
Maggie Towse115Y Morfa C263-322
Mike Cooper100Y Morfa C263-322