Friday, 31 May 2019

Jules Mitchell-Dawson 1942 - 2019

Jules passed away peacefully after a long illness, in Plas Gwyn Nursing Home in the early hours of Monday May 27th. His funeral will take place at St Dyfnog's Church, Llanrhaeadr, on Saturday June 8th at noon.

Sunday, 5 May 2019

2019 AGM

Please note that the 2019 Annual General Meeting of the Llandudno & District Table Tennis League will take place at Craig y Don Community Centre on 19th June 2019 commencing at 7.15pm.

You are informed that any proposals for changes to Rules must be seconded and sent to the Hon Secretary at least 28 days before the meeting.

Any proposals for Committee Members must also be sent, proposed & seconded within 28 days of the meeting.

All registered players may attend the meeting and vote on any proposals for change.

An agenda will be sent out at least 7 days before the meeting.

I do hope you can attend.

Paul Collins

Sunday, 24 March 2019

President's - Semi-final draw

The President's Trophy & Handicap Cup semi-finals should be played week commencing Monday 8th April. Below are the draws.

President's semi-finals:

Trinity B            v     Y Morfa B
Craig-y-don A    v     Police B

Handicap Cup semi-finals:

Rhyl B                             v   Craig-y-don B
Conwy A or Amlwch A     v       Trinity C

Games 40 up. Finals can be arranged by captains once the results of the semi-finals are known.
The easiest "neutral" venue to secure is Y Morfa.
Please let Chris or Sean know if you require the Y Morfa for the scheduled date Tuesday 7th May (or any other Tuesday).
Note finals can be played before 7th May and at a non-neutral venue if both captains agree.

Sunday, 17 February 2019

Presidents' Trophy - quarter-final draw

Rhyl C     v   Craig-y-don A
Rhyl A     v   Y Morfa B
Police B   v   Conwy B
Trinity B  v   Bye

This is the consolation handicap competition (40 up)

Scheduled for w/c 18th March (or earlier)

Same week as the Handicap Cup quarter-finals.

Sunday, 10 February 2019

New Captain - Trinity C

David Daniels has taken over the captains role at Trinity C.

Contact details: 0775 3650844, 01492 530480,

Presidents' Trophy update

Following the Handicap Cup games this week it is now clear that there is no need for a preliminary round of the Presidents trophy.

Seven teams have qualified for the quarter finals of the Presidents' Trophy:-
Conwy B, CYD A,  Rhyl A, Rhyl C, Police B, Trinity B & Y Morfa B

One game remains to be played from the Handicap Cup.
Police A v Rhyl B, the loser if playing with a full team could also join the quarter final draw.

The draw for Presidents Trophy will be made soon and the games need to played week commencing 18th March or before. (The same deadline applies to the Handicap Cup quarter finals, the draw for this is on cup tab on this website)

The week starting Monday 25th February can now be used by all teams as a catch up/get ahead week.
Captains start studying outstanding, future fixtures and checking your teams availability.

Sunday, 27 January 2019

Handicap Cup

The handicap cup has seven fixtures due to played W/C Monday 4th February.
These fixtures should played this week (or before) to ensure that the Presidents Trophy teams can be established and to see if a preliminary round is required in this competition.  Remember losing teams of two and defaulters do not qualify for the Presidents. The draws are on the Cup Tab and the handicaps appear if you scroll down this news page. Games are 40-up, no deuce, ends at 20.

Sunday, 20 January 2019

Amlwch B are back

The late offer by Don Grigg and Iain McGillivray, who were both keen to play first division table tennis, to help Amlwch complete their fixtures was raised at the recent open meeting. After consulting with Emyr Owen Amlwch B will now continue in the second half of season. They have seven league fixtures to play during the remainder of the season starting at the end of the month. Claimed league and cup matches will stand as will previously played matches, this will be reflected in next weeks tables. Any fixtures that have not already been conceded will try to be rearranged. Thanks to Don Grigg & Iain MacGillivray (formerly of Henllan) they will come together with existing Amlwch player Emyr Owen and will continue to play home fixtures at Amlwch School.
Don will be team secretary, and opposing team captains need to contact him. His home number is 01824709959 or mobile 07505076463

Monday, 14 January 2019

Electronic Match Card Entry

Team Captains/Secretary - Match Card Entry

Are you interested in completing your matchcard scores yourself onto this website?
If the answer is "Yes" would you be prepared to attend an evening meeting to learn how to do it?
The nominated person (Team Captain/Secretary) would require to have access to a computer  (tablet or smartphone) which can access the web & also has a reasonable knowledge of using computer software systems.
Please let Paul Collins know if you are interested on

Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Handicaps for Handicap Cup 2019

PlayerTeam40 H'capTeam 40
Ian AultAmlwch A4(-) 36
Paul CollinsAmlwch A(-) 16(-) 36
Keith WilliamsAmlwch A(- ) 24(-) 36
Emyr OwenAmlwch C40152 - 188
George HighamAmlwch C52152 - 188
Mark HadcockAmlwch C60152 - 188
Caren AultAmlwch C60152 - 188
Matthew WinnettAmlwch C68152 - 188
Graham HeathConway A2476 - 100
Andy LuntConway A2476 - 100
Steve NichollsConway A2876 - 100
Rob WalkerConway A4876 - 100
Chris PhillipsConway B1252 - 68
Paul HulmeConway B1652 - 68
Melvyn BookerConway B2452 - 68
Sean LucasConway B2852 - 68
Nigel WatsonCraig-y-don A56200 - 224
Bill WilliamsCraig-y-don A64200 - 224
John BastinCraig-y-don A80200 - 224
Billy HayesCraig-y-don A80200 - 224
Ged HaresnapeCraig-y-don B56180 - 192
Ady WaughCraig-y-don B60180 - 192
Keith PotterCraig-y-don B64180 - 192
Gary BlackmoreCraig-y-don B68180 - 192
Tony WanPolice A1212 - 100
Thomas Au YuengPolice A2412 - 100
James WanPolice A3212 - 100
Gabbi WanPolice A4412 - 100
Mark PughPolice A(- ) 2412 - 100
Kevin EvansPolice B40156 - 256
Peter RobertsPolice B52156 - 256
John CartwrightPolice B64156 - 256
Meirion WilliamsPolice B80156 - 256
Alan LaveryPolice B80156 - 256
Nigel McLaughlinPolice B84156 - 256
Rebecca EvansPolice B92156 - 256
Ron BradburnRhyl A1676 - 116
Dave FosterRhyl A2876 - 116
Barrie RussRhyl A3276 - 116
Alan SimkissRhyl A5676 - 116
John HughesRhyl B48144
Steve LoweRhyl B48144
Norman StaggRhyl B48144
Adam WoodRhyl C68228 - 280
Andy ChambersRhyl C76228 - 280
Marcus W JonesRhyl C84228 - 280
Pat PeakRhyl C96228 - 280
Christine DaviesRhyl C100228 - 280
Matthew FoxTrinity A0(-) 56 - (-) 32
Stuart DeardenTrinity A(-) 16(-) 56 - (-) 32
Owen HopwoodTrinity A(-) 16(-) 56 - (-) 32
Abhishek BathulaTrinity A(- ) 24(-) 56 - (-) 32
Ben MooreTrinity B8108 - 176
Fred MooreTrinity B48108 - 176
Mark KaneTrinity B52108 - 176
Rob StewartTrinity B60108 - 176
Andrew ChamberlainTrinity B64108 - 176
David DanielsTrinity C16100 - 140
Josh GilmoreTrinity C28100 - 140
Eddie ChanTrinity C56100 - 140
Roy WilliamsTrinity C56100 - 140
Rob StanwayY Morfa A1676
Andy HortonY Morfa A2476
Chris HendersonY Morfa A3676
Bill WoolleyY Morfa B56236 - 296
Martin BillY Morfa B88236 - 296
Harry JonesY Morfa B92236 - 296
Andy McNeilY Morfa B96236 - 296
Mike CooperY Morfa B100236 - 296
George WooleyY Morfa B100236 - 296